The history of the Balkan peoples represents an organic OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApart of the human civilization’s history. Our millennial presence on this land at crossroads has many dimensions. The most fabulous ones are the myths and legends, carried throughout time. They intertwine pain and beliefs, suffering and dreams, imagination and passions. Different and often amazingly close, they together carry the spirit of the people from this part of Europe. Their recreation for centuries on has been connected with the work of the artists. The Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “Myths and Legends of my People” is devoted to their role in the art of our contemporaries. Its invitation is addressed to all painters, trying to find the visible image of their people’s myths.bulgariaflagimage1




  1. The Balkan Quadrennial of Painting, which is conducted in Stara Zagora, is a competition for contemporary painting, devoted to “Myths and Legends of my People”.
  2. It is organized every four years (i.e. every leap year). Its first edition was in 2004, its second one – in 2008 and the third – in 2012.
  3. The fourth edition will be in December 2016.
  4. All painters are welcome to participate with artistic works, devoted to the mythology of their or other countries upon condition that they accept the provisions of this Statute.
  2. Organizers of the Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “Myths and Legends of my People” – Stara Zagora, /BQP/, are Stara Zagora Municipality, the Art Gallery (AG) of Stara Zagora, the Ministry of Culture (MC) and the Union of the Bulgarian Artists (UBA).
  3. The Balkan Quadrennial of Painting will be organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality.
  4. An Organizing Committee will be established for the preparation and organization of the Quadrennial whose members will be coordinated with MC, UBA and AG, and shall be approved by the Mayor of Stara Zagora municipality. The operative work of BQP shall be undertaken by the Art Gallery of Stara Zagora and associates.
  5. The entire activity for the preparation and realization of BQP will be funded by an approved budget and by additional means, provided by sponsors and advertisers.
  6. The prizes of BQP will be determined by a jury, proposed by UBA.
  7. The exposition of the Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “Myths and Legends of my People”, will be arranged in the halls of the Art Gallery – Stara Zagora. The opening of the exposition of this year’s Quadrennial is on December 16th 2016 at 18:00 o’clock.
  8. The presentation of BQP will be accompanied by a complete catalogue of the works, participating in the exposition.
  1. AWARDS:
  2. The great award – a prize, a Diploma, an independent exposition next year and 2000 Euros.
  3. The award of Stara Zagora – a Diploma and 1500 Euro.
  4. Five prizes with the name of the sponsors with a total prize funding of 7000 Euros.

The awarded works will remain in the fund of the Art Gallery – Stara Zagora

  1. Painters – artists from all countries (countries outside the Balkans inclusive) are eligible to participate upon condition that they accept the provisions of this Statute.
  2. Work languages of the Quadrennial will be Bulgarian and English.
  3. Deadline for receiving the works – 15 November 2016; Address – Art Gallery Stara Zagora, 27 Ruski Blvd., 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. For contacts: Tel: /+359-42/ 622 843; email:

The information about the selection, the awarded works, etc, will be published right after the jury’s decision on the site of the Art Gallery of Stara

  1. The authors will not be informed personally of the results of the competition.
  2. Each author is eligible to participate with a maximum of two works.
  3. The presented works shall be originals and shall be possession of the author.
  4. Only works of painting shall be accepted. The techniques and materials are the choice of the author. The overall sizes of the works shall not exceed 150 cm of the long side.
  5. On the back of the work the author shall put down /in Bulgarian or in English/ his/her name, the name of the work, the year of creation, the material.
  6. Each author shall send his/her works together with a completed free-style participation form, in which in printed letters he/she shall write down:

a/  Family name, surname, proper name

b/  Date of birth

c/  Full and correct address – street, city, country.

d/ Explicit declaration that he/she donates or not his/her work to the gallery.

  1. The works shall be sent by mail or submitted personally at the expense of the author.
  2. The works shall be received in Stara Zagora. The organizers will not transport works, dispatched to another final destination.
  3. The organizers guarantee the security of the received works and do not undertake liability for works, lost or damaged during transportation.
  4. The organizers are obliged to return the works, not declared to be donations, within a term of four months after closing the exposition to the foreign participants. The Bulgarian participants receive their works within 45 days after closing the exhibition.
  5. Each participant in the Quadrennial will receive a free catalogue of the exposition and a certificate of participation.
  6. The complete list of the participants and the reproductions of their works will be presented on the website of the Art Gallery of Stara Zagora.
  7. The Organizing Committee of BQP reserves the right to reproduce the awarded works and to publish them in its editions.

Upon demand of the Central unions or guilds of the artists from the countries with a high number of participants, the exposition /after its presentation in Stara Zagora/ might be displayed in the respective country as well, the costs for presentation, transportation and organization of the exposition shall be undertaken by the respective center upon the explicit condition that it is presented as Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “The Myths and Legends of my People” – Stara Zagora, 2016.